Frequently Asked Questions...
What is Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy?
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind which can occur when driving, watching TV, listening to music, working on a favourite hobby or other activity that puts you in the "flow" state; otherwise known as "altered states of consciousness," and all are various levels of trance, highlighting that trance is normal, natural and common. 
The state of trance can comfortably be induced in therapy to safely access the wisdom of the sub-conscious mind, which is the driving force for unwanted habits and self-defeating behaviours, such as  low self-esteem, emotional eating,  phobias etc.    Such access to the sub-conscious enables the therapist to assist you in overcoming undesirable habits/behaviours.



What happens in a session?

During the initial consultation, Jo will gather the information required to assist you to gain the outcome you seek and guide you into a deep relaxation (no swinging watches in sight), offering an example of the trance state to be expected from Therapy.  Subsequent sessions will be individually tailored to you help you to achieve your stated outcome.
Will I lose Control?

You always have control, and although your mind may drift off, you can always hear what's going on.   Using the example of watching a good film  that you are absorbed in (a natural hypnotic state), can illustrate this - would it be true to say that even though it may transfix your attention and affect your emotions, you would also have an awareness of other people, questions they may ask or have the power to walk out or turn off the film, if the subject matter was disagreeable to you?  The same is true of hypnotherapy.

Will I remember the Session?


There are those who have drifted into such a deep trance that their recall is sketchy, like that of having had a dream, remembering fragments.  However, most clients are surprised that they do remember the session stating something like "I wasn't hypnotised - I knew what was going on the whole time!" Well, that's not surprising, as contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a state of amnesia/no awareness. In fact, just the opposite true - hypnosis is a state of very heightened awareness and focus. 

A friend tried hypnosis to lose weight and it didn't work - what determines a positive outcome to therapy?

There is more to changing a deeply ingrained habit like emotional eating than a few hypnotic suggestions, otherwise hypnosis would work 100% of the time.  Put simply, the person must want the change.  Once this is established, it is then infinitely more effective to offer sessions which will assist you to identify the driving force behind the unwanted habits and to find safe ways to satisfy the emotional needs that are currently met by over-eating and to align the subconscious with new, healthy habits.
Jo customises the approach of the sessions, language and replacement suggestions to match your lifestyle, preferences, learning style and circumstances.


Please call Jo on 01255 863120, for further details about how Hypnotherapy can help you or to book an initial consultation.