Holistic Therapies

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Below is a summary of the Holistic Therapies Jo offers.  For further information, please click on the appropriate pictures to visit the relevant pages... 




Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an Ancient Tibetan/Japanese therapy, which promotes an attitude of calm from within.

Reiki energy flows throughout the body, creating a deep feeling of relaxation & well-being, removing blockages & toxins, which in turn cleanses & revitalises the whole body.

No one part of the body exists independently, so 'dis-ease' & 'dis-order' in one area inevitably affects the whole body.  Fortunately, Reiki is an holistic therapy, therefore the energy balances the entire body.

Many people have commented that Reiki has helped them to shift blockages that exist in their lives.  To assist with this process Life Coaching skills are used, where appropriate.


Crystal Therapy


Crystal Healing is a powerful form of therapy, as it amplifies energy flow. The use of different Gems & Stones can enhance treatment by bringing just the right frequency of energy to the aura & physical body, so that it can move back into balance, restoring health to Mind, Body & Spirit.

During a treatment you lie, fully clothed on a couch, whilst gems are chosen intuitively to complement your energy system.

Following a treatment, people generally report feeling calmer & more relaxed than they have in a long time.
Indian Head Massage


Head Massage has been a way of life among Indian women for thousands of years.  It is a skill that has been handed down, quite naturally through the generations.  Gents also regularly receive treatments from their barber, when visiting for a haircut.

Nowadays, we all have to face daily pressures, which can take their toll on our health & well-being; causing stress, tension, tiredness & headaches.

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing, soothing therapy, which can have a positive, nurturing effect on both physical & emotional levels.  It can help to alleviate conditions such as sinusitis, headaches, eyestrain & insomnia.