"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion
          will one day become a reality."        
​Earl Nightingale


The above quotation gives us hope... hope that if you're not where you want to be... you can change it!

...Because sadly, it's possible to have lived with unhelpful habits or Self-Defeating Behvaiours for so long that they can feel like a part of you, almost impossible to shift... for example how many people have lived with being overweight for years... trying various fad diets... only to end up weighing more than they did before they started?  Feeling they can never change?

The worst of this, to paraphrase Henry Ford is .....  "If they believe they're right... they probably are."  Simply, because they will probably give up trying to alter their situation.

​However, recent scientific break-through's have proven that the brain has a plasticity (Konorski, J, 1948), giving us the understanding that it has the capacity to be reprogrammed, with lasting effect.  Adding weight to the hypothesis that Hypnotherapy is a useful tool for change, as it deals directly with the subconscious mind - the aspect of consciousness which drives habits.  Which is why will-power alone, generally proves to be ineffective in the struggle to overcome unwanted habits.
It is well documented that our conscious mind utilises only a small percentage of the available intelligence of the brain as a whole, we can liken it to the tip of an iceburg, and below the surface, within the subconscious mind lies our innate wisdom, which can successfully be accessed with Hypnotherapy, which can be very useful in overcoming phobias and altering habitual Self-Defeating behaviour, such as emotional eating, smoking, drinking, gambling etc.  Additionally, it can aid Personal Development by assisting in the resolution of past issues, improving Confidence and Self-Esteem and  assist in many other areas of life.

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