Inner Conflict Resolution    "Parts therapy is based on the concept that our personality is composed of a number
                                                                         of various parts. Our personality parts are aspects of the subconscious, each with
                                                                         their respective jobs or functions of the inner mind. In other words, we tend to wear
                                                                         many different hats as we walk through the path of life."                          C. Roy Hunter
Life can present us with inner conflict between two or more ego parts of ourselves or challenges that leave us in two minds about how to go forward.

Whilst you may not be consciously aware of this conflict, its existence within you can surface during sessions.  For example a client may express a desire to lose weight, whilst another part of them wishes to keep on eating in a way that causes them to retain weight, for reaseons best known to the subconscious mind.  In such circumstances, Parts Therapy can assist in addressing this problem by accessing the best intentions of the dissparate aspects of self, seeking to find the basis for integration and thus resolution of the inner conflict.  
In some circumstances, it can additionally have the effect of enabling acceptance of situations beyond one's control, so that with inner resolution of the conflict,  you, the individual are more likely to exist in a state of inner peace.

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