Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a highly effective Tibetan/Japanese complementary therapy, which promotes an attitude of calm from within. It's a method of natural healing which is centred upon universal life energy.  Reiki energy flows throughout your body, creating a deep feeling of relaxation & well-being, removing blockages & toxins, which in turn cleanses & revitalises your whole body.

As no, single aspect of your body exists independently, ‘dis-ease’ and ‘dis-order’ in one area inevitably affects the whole body.  Fortunately, Reiki is an holistic therapy, that balances all systems of your body as it flows.

On occasions as the energy works through the blockages, issues can rise to the surface, which, where appropriate, can be worked through, with the aid of Jo's psychotherapeutic skills.  Many people have commented that Reiki has helped them to shift blockages which have sometimes existed within their lives for a long time.  

What will I experience?

Your first appointment includes a confidential consultation, giving us the opportunity to discuss your treatment, and any medical conditions you may have.  Subsequent treatments review your progress.

The treatment is carried out fully-clothed, lying comfortably on a therapy couch.  You will probably feel a deep sense of relaxation (often, even if you normally find this difficult).

Otherwise, you could experience the sensations of heat/cold/tingling, or a gentle breeze.  Sometimes, with your eyes closed, you may see swirling colours.

How frequently should I receive  a Treatment?

Over a period of time Reiki helps to eliminate toxins & remove blockages, allowing your body to deal naturally & fully with the effects of the stress it has been places under.  This enables the general
condition of your body & mind to be restored to optimum health. 

Chronic ailments will not disappear over night, but you will experience a state of relaxation, which is the beginning of the healing process.


75% of the illnesses experienced, such as high blood pressure, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, eczema etc., are Stress Related - so to get you in a relaxed frame of mind means you'll be more than half way there.

The key to success with Reiki is that it should be undertaken regularly. Initially, receiving treatments on a weekly basis for a period of up to approximately six weeks, with follow up balancing treatments at fortnightly to monthly Intervals depending on you and your individual circumstances.

The added benefits of regular treatment are that when you enjoy good health, regular therapy will increase your body’s inbuilt defences; which manifests itself as a positive outlook, thereby increasing your confidence and experience of inner harmony, enabling you to deal easily with everyday events, which may normally have caused you stress.


Benefits of Reiki:


  • Naturally Relaxes - reducing symptoms of stress

  • Heals holistically, treating causes of illness, along with symptoms

  • Clears toxins

  • Strengthens the Immune System

  • Has a transformative effect

  • Promotes  a positive  attitude, from within

  • Works in harmony with orthodox treatment and other complementary therapies

What does Treatment Cost?


1.5 Hour Treatment  £35.00

Please call Jo on 01255 863120, for further details or to book an initial consultation.