Reiki Training

If you have experienced Reiki first-hand, you will understand why it is wonderful to have it at your fingertips, for your own healing or to use with friends, family & pets, or to take out into the world as a new, extremely fulfilling, vocational occupation.​  Jo offers a full range of courses to enable you to reach your desired level.


1st Degree Reiki - Offers connection to this ancient, natural healing therapy. You will learn techniques to treat both yourself, family, friends & pets. Reiki has a way of having an incredibly positive effect on your life and well-being! Allow it in and notice the difference!!  This course is run in small, supportive and friendly groups, over a period of 5 weeks and offers progression to 2nd Degree, if desired.


2nd Degree Reiki - A further powerful attunement that increases the energy that is chanelled, raising your intuitive ability. This course reveals three powerful Reiki symbols, offering techniques for working with crystals, room cleansing & distant healing. The course is run in small, supportive and friendly groups, over a period of 5 weeks and offers progression to Reiki Mastership, if desired.


Reiki Mastership - a combined Usui/Tibetan Mastership, offering two further attunements, along with many additional healing techniques, including Psychic Surgery, Karma Clearance, forming a Crystal Grid, plus learn Master energising & attunement processes. This course is run for a minimum of two students (maximum 4) over a 5 week period.


Please call Jo on 01255 863120, for further details or to book a place on the next course.