Resolving Past Issues


Stored emotions, energies, old memories, past traumas, etc., often have a mjor effect on how we act, feel and live our lives in the present, as these emotional disturbances can resurface in a variety of guises and intensities, manifesting as anxiety, stress, depression, displaced anger, procrastination, control issues, lack of trust etc.


In the ..... Freud brought forward the theory of transference, that faced with a similar person/mannerism/circumstance/situation etc, we would respond to it with a reaction based from the previous experience, rather than responding to the intended meaning we are faced with in the present.  With today's understanding of the way the brain pattern matches situations, we can see how the emotion attached to the original situation draws us to react from our past expereince, rather than respond in the here and now to the reality of what's happening.


Hypnotherapy offers a range of tools and techniques to assist you in reassessing past experiences, and alter the emotional impact that they have on you, in the present.  So that the emotional impact is released and you can respond to life as it turly is in the present, rather than live with one foot in the past, experieincing trauma.



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