Weight Loss                                    "I really can't believe how easy this is...it's really effortless weight-loss"


                                                                                                                               Mrs N.F., Shotley - Suffolk

Once you have made the decision that you want to change your eating habits, then hypnotherapy can help you to make this a reality.

Hypnotherapy doesn't involve another ineffective diet, to add to any you may have attempted before, in fact it doesn't make any food out-of-bounds.  What it does offer is help to align your subconscious mind with a healthy approach to fuelling your body to lead a happy, healthy life. 
Offered as a course of eight sessions, Hypnotherapy will assist you in identifying and eliminating the driving force behind your unwanted eating habits and to find safe ways to satisfy the emotional needs that are currently met by over-eating, whilst aligning  your subconscious with new, healthy eating habits.

Your sessions will be individually tailored by Jo, utilising her excellent understanding of the cutting-edge use of language and hypnotic suggestion to match your lifestyle, preferences, learning style and circumstances.

Please call Jo on 01255 863120, for further details or to book an initial consultation.